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Verbena macrosperma

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Botanical Description

Glandularia macrosperma). Tufted perennial from a central stock spreading below ground without rooting and surfacing as a colony of erect to ascending branches 8-15cm tall in bloom. All vegetative parts are scabrid or rough downy. Leaves 6-7 by 5-6mm, thickish-broadly oval in outline and on a petiole 2.5-5mm long with three (rarely five) narrow main lobes, these also on brief petioles from the blade base, the central lobe trifid towards its apex, the laterals with a notch at their

tips. Inflorescence rather elongated, sometimes with a pair of lateral spikes from the axils, consisting of ten to twenty pale yellow flowers 1.2cm long with oblong-spreading notched lobes. Argentina, northern Patagonia. Similar but pink flowered and heliotrope-scented is V. crithmifolia from northern Patagonia and the arid pre-cordilleras of Mendoza at 1000-2000m. It can grow to 30cm tall and has revolute, linear leaf lobes often possessing a greater number of secondary lobes and lacking petioles.