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Sedum laxum

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Authors: Berger  

Botanical Description

Echeveria gormania, Sedum jepsonii). (5). Very similar to S. oregonense and S. obtusatum but with pink petals. Leaves very thick, 2.5 by 1cm, forming loose, elongated rosettes, often emarginate and upcurved, glaucous, edged with red. Inflorescences cymose, 15-25cm high. Flowers five-petalled, about 1cm long with erect petals united to almost half their lengths, anthers pink. U.S.A.; Oregon on dry cliffs and rocks. Sd. subsp. eastwoodiae has inflorescences never more than 13cm tall and usually much less. Coastal range of northern California on serpentine rock. S.l. subsp. heckneri has almost suborbicular rosette leaves, those on the flowering stems with cordate, not truncate bases. Before the flowers expand, the inflorescence is bent downwards; anthers yellow. Klamath Mountains, Oregon. S.l. subsp. latifolium is the most robust of the subspecies, with leaf tips emarginate, leaves green without a waxy bloom. From a limited area in the drainage of the Smith river, northern California.