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Raoulia mammilaris

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Botanical Description

Densely cushion-forming similar to R. eximea but generally smaller. Leaves shorter stiffer, hairy, giving the cushions a rougher texture and rosettes not compressed into the geometric designs of those found in R. eximia. Flowerheads usually larger than those of R. eximia, up to 7mm across, with distinctive inner bract scales having prominent, blunt, white tips. South Island only, confined to altitudes at 1200-1800m on a few of the drier mountains of mid and north Canterbury in stable screes. Grows twice as fast in cultivation as R. eximia, reaching 20cm in diameter from seed in 15 years. Difficult nonetheless and very susceptible to mildew in winter. Cuttings struck in late spring root quite easily. [Pl.413,414].