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Orthocarpus hispidus

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Authors: Benth.  

Botanical Description

Stems erect, 20-40cm long, slender, with or without a few branches. Leaves narrowly linear-lanceolate, l-4cm long, the upper three- to five-lobed. Inflorescence bracts 1-2.5cm long, ovate in outline, palmately three to seven-lobed. Flowers yellow or white, 1.2-2cm long, early to late summer. Alaska to Cahfornia, Idaho and Nevada, in grassland at 900-2120m.

O.. imbricatus Torr. & S. Wats. Stem erect, 15-35cm tall, simple or corymbosely branched. Leaves linear to narrowly lanceolate, somewhat scabrid, 2-4cm long. Inflorescence bracts overlapping, ovate to broadly oblong, 8-14mm long, with or without two small lobes, purple-tipped. Flowers purple, the lower lip partly white, 1-1.3cm long, late summer to early autumn. Washington State to California, on open slopes and in subalpine forest at 1500-2120m.