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Gagea fistulosa

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Authors: Ramond  

Botanical Description

ex DC.) Ker-Gawl. (syn. G. liotardii, G. mirabilis). Stems 10-20cm high. Basal leaves one or two, hollow, triangular to semi-terete in cross section, to 20cm long by 3-5mm wide. Stem leaves two, lanceolate, acuminate, 2.5-4.5cm long. Flowers two to five, on hairy pedicels, in umbellate clusters, yellow, 2-3.5cm across. Mountains of Europe north to the Carpathians, to Turkey, Caucasia, Iran, Iraq and possibly Syria, in damp to wet grassland and earthy slopes near the snow line.

a, G. fistulosa; b, G. peduncularis; c, G. villosa;