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Synonyms: Favratia zoysii

Botanical Description

Tufted, forming small mounds 5-7cm in height. Basal leaves sublustrous, ovate to obovate, stalked; stem leaves broadly lanceolate to linear. Flowers in varying shades of blue, cylindrical, slightly inflated at the base, 1.5-2cm long, contracted at the tip then expanding again to form a cap-like structure, sometimes likened to a soda water bottle in shape. The flowers are usually freely produced, but the plant is apt to 'flower itself to death' and is often short-lived. Very prone to slug damage. Nevertheless, one of the most attractive and desirable of the small bell-flowers and not difficult to propagate. South-eastern Alps among limestone rocks. Cz. 'Lismore Ice' produces white flowers and yellow-tipped leaves.

a, C. barbata; b, C. cenisia; c, C. cochlearifolia; d, C. zoysii;