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Epilobium canum). Woody based and rhizomatous, forming clumps or colonies 30-60cm high. Leaves lanceolate to narrowly so, l-4cm long, green to grey-hairy. Flowers to 4cm long, bright red, the sepals lanceolate, the petals bilobed, late summer to autumn. California, in stony or gravelly places below about 1200m. Z.c. subsp. angustifolia has linear, densely grey-felted leaves and slightly shorter flowers. Sagebrush and chaparral below 600m. Z.c. subsp. latifolia is non-woody based with ovate to narrowly ovate leaves which can be green or grey-hairy (the cultivar 'Dublin' (syn. 'Glasnevin') is a green selection with a compact habit and good red flowers). It is the hardiest sort occurring in montane habitats up to 3300m. 'Solidarity Pink' has clear pink flowers but it has a sprawling habit and can be sparse blooming. Z.c. var. microphylla and Z.c. cana, see Z. cana.