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Viola filicaulis

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Botanical Description

Loosely mat-forming, with creeping, branched, very slender stems 15-3 0cm long. Leaves reniform or suborbicular, truncate to cordate at the base.

crenate, l-2cm long, on stalks as long or much longer. Flowers white to cream, about 1cm across, summer. New Zealand, in moist habitats from lowland to subalpine.

V. fimbriatula Smith. (V). Clump-forming, to about 10cm high in bloom. Leaves rosetted, oblong-ovate to triangular-ovate, cordate, 4-10cm or more long, with or without small basal lobes and shallow crenations, pilose. Flowers about 2cm across, violet-purple to violet-blue, spring. Nova Scotia to Wisconsin south to Georgia, in dry woods, clearings and wood margins. V.f. forma albescens has white flowers. V.f. forma umbelliflora produces its flowers in threes.