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Verbena gynobasis

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Authors: Wedd.  

Botanical Description

A rather brittle few-branched decumbent to ascending subshrublet 4-15cm high in flower by 10-15cm across. Leaves ashy grey-hairy, in whorls of six, sessile, 1-1.5cm in length, cut to the base into three linear, revolute needle-like divisions which may be entire or very rarely bifurcated themselves. Inflorescence on a short peduncle not exceeding 1.5cm, forming a multiflowered strongly compressed head-like spike. The calyx is 4-5mm long. Flowers showy, deliciously fragrant, about 1 by 1cm with a narrowish tube and spreading, rounded, slightly emarginate lobes which are a beautiful creamy-pink deepening on maturity to pure lilac-pink, summer. Chile, from the border area with Peru and Bolivia, also Cuzco, Peru, in stony waysides at the foot of banks, earth screes and clearings between scattered mountain scrub; always on seasonally dry, sheltered, more or less bare and compacted sites at 3500-4000m. A delightful free-flowering little species, better served by Weddell's more apt synonym, V. bella. [Pl.519]

V. hayekii Mold. see V. pygmaea