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Botanical Description

Up to 25m or more in height, often with two or more leaders. Leaves 1-1.8cm long, glossy above, paler with two white stomatal bands beneath. Cones 1.5-2cm in length. North America, east of the Rocky Mountains. Amongst many dwarf cultivars the following can be recommended: T.c. 'Bennett' (syn. 'Bennett's Minima') has a very dense habit, eventually wider than high, with horizontal branchlets extending 1.5cm or so each year. 'Cole' is densely mat to low cushion-forming, attaining a spread of 1m. in about 20 years. 'Jeddeloh' forms a mound of down-arching to pendulous branchlets as high as wide, usually with a funnel-shaped depression in the centre. One of the most popular sorts but grows 6-10cm per annum and can get too large for the smaller rock garden. 'Minuta' is irregularly and deeply hummock-forming, very dense and slow-growing at l-2cm per annum and rarely ever above 40cm high when old. 'Prostrata' forms a slow-growing, dense flat mat eventually to about 1m across. 'Pumila' has a broadly conical outline with a central stems and dense growth extending only to l-3cm a year. 'Pygmaea' is similar to 'Minuta' but rather more globose and somewhat smaller. 'Rugg's Washington Dwarf usually has a neatly globose appearance, but with age can become a deep hummock. The very slow-growing congested shoots are bronze-yellow when young.