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Trillium grandiflorum

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Authors: Michx.   Salisb.  

Botanical Description

Stems to 40cm tall or more. Leaves sessile, 8-15cm long, broadly elliptic to oval. Flowers stalked with broad white petals 3-8cm long, usually white, sometimes aging pink, rolling around each other at the base to form a tube. Eastern North America, Quebec to Georgia.

T.g. 'Snowbunting' is fully double. 'Flore Plenum' is semi-double, 'Roseum' is always pink, 'Variegatum' has green striped petals and 'Parvum' is a smaller version.

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, Malvern, 10 May 2008

a, T. grandiflorum; b, T. sessile;