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Trifolium longipes

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Authors: Nutt.  

Botanical Description

Tufted to loosely mat-forming with a central taproot bearing creeping branches. Stems 5-40cm long, erect to decumbent. Leaflets linear lanceolate to obovate, 5-30mm or more long. Stipules lanceolate, up to 2cm long. Flowers 1- 1.2cm long, white or purple-tinted, in dense ovoid heads l-2cm long, mid to late summer. Washington State to Idaho and California, mainly in montane conifer forest. T.l, var. atrorubens (syn. T. rusbyi) has flowers light to deep purple. California, in wet grassland at 1820-2450m. Several other ill-defined variants are no longer recognised, but plants. T.l. var. hansenii should be dwarf and slender-stemmed.