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Slenderly conical, up to 60m high in the wild. Leaves 3-6mm long, bluntly to long-pointed, lustrous rich green, strongly fruity-aromatic when bruised. Cones ovoid to oblongoid, to 1.5cm long, green then brown. North-western North America from Cahfornia to Alaska and the Rocky Mountains, on slopes at 1200-1500m in high rainfall areas. T.p. 'Cuprea' is densely conical to about 1m tall, with coppery to bronze-yellow foliage, greener in summer. 'Hillieri' has an irregularly rounded outline with moss-like tufts of foliage, slow-growing but in time attaining 2-3m. 'Rogersii' grows about 4cm each year, building up into a dense irregular conical bush with gold and bronze foliage. 'Stoneham Gold' is similar to 'Hillieri' but is stronger growing and can reach 2m in height.