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Botanical Description

Helxine soleirolii). Stems filiform, branching and interlacing, forming mossy, evergreen mats 30-60cm or more in width. Leaves obliquely rounded, 2-6mm across, sparsely hairy, bright green. Flowers minute, petalless, unisexual, solitary in the leaf axils, totally insignificant. i s16 2 S.s. 'Aurea' has a golden suffusion to the foliage. 'Golden Queen' and 'Silver Queen' respectively have yellow and white leaf margins, while 'Variegata' (syn. 'Argentea') has whitish variegated leaves. S. soleirolii itself is widely grown as a house plant and has become extensively naturalised in western Europe including the British Isles and elsewhere. In sheltered habitats it is rarely completely killed by severe winters.