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Sisyrinchium douglasii

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Botanical Description

Olsynium douglasii). Stems 10-20cm tall sometimes more especially after flowering, cylindrical and rush-like. Leaves linear, nearly cylindrical to somewhat flattened. Spathes two, often very unequal in size. Flowers inclined or nodding, 4-5cm across usually in shades of red-purple or white. (In plants sometimes known as S. inflatum they are pink to light magenta). Begins to bloom in spring on short stems, dies down in summer. Northern Cahfornia to British Columbia, in sagebrush shrub and open pinewoods usually in moist hollows at 900-1800m. The finest of the hardy species. [Pl.471,472]

a, S. chilense; b, S. douglasii; c, S. filifolium; d, S. tenuifolium;