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Silene hookeri

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Authors: Torr.  

Botanical Description

with decumbent stems, the prostrate parts often buried and rooting at the nodes, the erect parts 10-15cm high. Leaves 4-7cm long, obovate to oblanceolate or spathulate, greyish-hairy. Flowers red, purple or pink to white, up to 3cm or more across, each petal usually with two broad and two narrow lobes, but variable, summer. S.h. subsp. bolanderi has flowers to 5cm wide with all lobes narrow and of the same width. Oregon and Cahfornia, in dry rocks and screes often on serpentine up to 1500m. Will flower the first year from seed. Best in a scree bed or crevice, or in the alpine house. [Pl.470]

a, S. acaulis; b, S. hookeri; c, S. schafta;