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Senecio pauciflorus

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Authors: Pursh  

Botanical Description

Packera pauciflora). Tufted, from an unbranched caudex, the erect stems 20-35cm long. Basal leaves rounded to elliptic-ovate, crenulate to almost entire, 1.5-4cm long including a petiole longer than the blade. Stem leaves smaller, subsessile, toothed to pinnatifid. Flowerheads to 8mm long, in small clusters, orange to reddish-orange, usually without ray florets, late summer. California to Alaska and Labrador, in moist meadows at subalpine levels. S.p. var. fallax has larger clusters of yellow flowerheads usually without rays. California to Alaska and Wyoming in moist mountain habitats. S.p. var. jucundus is similar but has ray florets 6-10mm long. Cahfornia to British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains at subalpine levels.