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Sempervivum montanum

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Botanical Description

A very variable species which covers many forms, some of which have at times been given separate specific names, especially in gardens. Rosettes 2-8cm across with numerous offsets produced on long, slender stolons. Leaves oblanceolate, hairy on both surfaces and ciliate, dull green. Flowering stems to 20cm tall, usually less, the flowers to 2-4cm across with eleven to thirteen wine-red petals. Throughout southern and central European mountains from the Carpathians to the Pyrenees. Mostly on acid rocks. Easy. S.m. var. braunii has pure white flowers, S.m. var. brunatii is the largest form with paler purple flowers and green leaves to 6mm wide, southwestern Alps. S.m. var. montanum has small rosettes, rarely more than 2cm across and offsets produced on slender leafy stems not more than 3cm long. Leaves oblanceolate and entirely green. Flowering stems leafy, the petals violet-purple. Widespread. S.m. var. stiriacum has rosettes 2-4.5cm across with distinct reddish-brown tips to the leaves, Austria. S.m. var. s. 'Lloyd Praeger' has flatter rosettes, the leaves heavily tipped red brown. [Pl.462]

a, S. arachnoideum; b, S. dolomiticum; c, S. montanum; d, S. tectorum;