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Botanical Description

Goodenia radicans). More or less mat-forming, to 30cm or more across but usually much less, spreading by creeping and rooting stems which are sometimes just below the soil surface. Leaves direct from the creeping stems, usually erect, one or more from each node, narrowly spathulate to almost obovate or ovate, sometimes linear, long-stalked, somewhat fleshy and glossy, mostly l-3cm long but occasionally much more. Flowers purple or reddish in bud, solitary from the leaf axils, erect, about 7-10mm long, with a tubular base split down the back, and five, narrow, white to palest blue, petal lobes spreading fanwise, summer. Fruit obovoid to ovoid, fleshy, 6mm or more long. South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New Zealand and temperate South America, in moist to wet ground, often on the landward side of salt marshes. A very variable species in overall size and leaf shape. A very small New Zealand form was named S. microphylla by Colenso.