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Salix uva-ursi

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Authors: Pursh  

Botanical Description

with brown glabrous branches. Leaves obovate to elliptic, 8-20mm X 4-10mm, acute or occasionally obtuse, finely crenulate, initially ciliate, deep glossy green above, paler below, veins prominent. Catkins appearing with the leaves on short leafy laterals, up to 2cm long, stamens with golden anthers and glabrous filaments, frequently only one to each flower, scales obovate with silky hairs. An arctic-alpine species in North America, Newfoundland and western Greenland extending south to New England, where it is found on mountain summits. A n excellent prostrate species, the golden catkins of the male form contrasting well with the fresh glossy green of the foliage. S. alpina and S. retusa are sometimes sold in error under this name.