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Salix subopposita

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Authors: Miq.  

Botanical Description

Compact low growing habit, up to 30cm tall. Stems thin, upright, densely hairy when young, becoming brown when mature. Leaves lanceolate or oblong, 1-3 X 0.5-lcm, acute, entire, silky hairy when young then blue-green glabrous above with persistent loose yellow-grey hairs below, stipules ovate, petiole up to 5mm long. The leaves are closely packed on the branches usually in very nearly opposite pairs, giving this willow the superficial appearance of a Hebe. Catkins before the leaves, ovoid cylindrical, the males 1.5-2.5cm and females l-2cm in length, scales with silky hairs, yellowish sometimes with red markings. Southern Japan (Honshu) and Korea, in damp turf and marshy situations. Often regarded as a variety of S. repens, being most closely allied to S. rosmarinifolia but it is a distinctly characteristic plant both in texture and in habit of growth. Only the male form appears to be in general cultivation.