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Primula modesta

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Botanical Description

A widespread Japanese relative of P. farinosa, heterostylous, but squatter in habit and forming larger clumps of shorter, wider leaves and with more compact heads of flowers. Leaves broadly oblanceolate, yellow farinose beneath, glabrous above, the margin slightly recurved and toothed, 3-8cm long and 1-1.5cm wide. Flowers rose-pink 1.5cm across, in umbels of three to ten on stems 7-15cm high. Mountains of Japan. P.m. var. fauriae is smaller with more rounded leaves tapering gradually into long, winged stalks, with 2cm wide flowers in umbels of two to nine on strong scapes 3-12cm high. A white form has been cultivated. P.m. var. matsumurae is larger with oblanceolate leaves and stouter, ten-flowered stems. Japan on mountains and sea cliffs, north to Kuriles, and with a few sites in Korea and Siberia.