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Potentilla diversifolia

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Authors: Lehm.  

Botanical Description

Densely tufted, with erect to spreading flowering stems 20-40cm long. Leaves digitate formed of five to seven obovate to oblanceolate leaflets which are deeply toothed to almost dissected and green on both surfaces. Flowers about 2cm across, yellow, in loose clusters, late summer. British Columbia to South Dakota and Arizona. Conifer forest to alpine fellfields, usually in moist places at 2000-3500m. An occasional variant is P.d. var. multisecta having leaflets coarsely grey-hairy and cut into linear lobes 1.5mm wide. P.d. var. pedissecta is more or less silky-hairy with leaflet lobes to 4mm wide; common in Montana and southern British Columbia.