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Phlox austromontana

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Botanical Description

(syn. P. douglasii var. austromontana). Loosely hummock-forming, 7.515cm high and somewhat wider. Leaves narrowly awl-shaped, firm textured, pilose to almost glabrous, 1.2-2.5cm long. Flowers 1.2-1.5cm across, pink, lavender or white, slightly fragrant, in clusters of one to five, spring. Eastern Sierras to the western Rocky Mountains, on stony slopes and chffs. P.a. prostrata has longer, sprawling stems, longer leaves and larger, more obviously fragrant pink or white flowers. P.a. densa, syn. P. densa, forms grey-green compact hummocks to 10cm high with shorter leaves and pink to white, faintly scented flowers. Var. lutescens is sulphur yellow. [Pl.347].

Locklear (2012) raises var. lutescens to subspecies.