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Phlox andicola

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Authors: Nutt.  

Botanical Description

(syn.P. douglasii var. andicola). Rhizomatous, forming colonies of erect branched stems 6-12cm in height. Leaves narrowly awl-shaped, firm-textured, almost glabrous to pilose, 1.5-2cm long. Flowers 1.5-1.8cm across, usually white, sometimes flushed yellow or purple, pungently fragrant, in clusters of one to five, spring to early summer. Great Plains region in sandy and gravelly soils. The name is curious as the plant was first named from a site near Fort Laramie, Wyoming. P.a. subsp. parvula is somewhat smaller in all its parts, the flowers pale lavender to white and lightly sweetly scented.

Locklear (2012) does not recognise any subspecies.