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Penstemon speciosus

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Botanical Description

Douglas ex Lindl. [2-3] Stems 5-90cm tall. Leaves entire, thick and firm, basal ones up to 15cm long, cauline leaves oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic. Flowers bright blue, 2.6-3.8mm long. Dry, open, or sparsely wooded slope, often with sagebrush, juniper, or ponderosa pine, mostly in the foothills and lowlands, sometimes at moderate elevations in the mountains, Washington to California and Nevada to Utah, entering Idaho south of the Snake River Plains at 1200-3300m. P.s. subsp. kennedyi is technically distinguished by longer calyx lobes and height less than 12cm. Mostly 3130-3600m in Sierra Nevada, White Mountains of California.