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Penstemon dolius

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Botanical Description

Stems 2-12cm tall. Leaves densely retrorsely cinereous-puberulent, 1-4cm long, narrowly oblanceolate to spathulate. Flowers 1.4-2cm long, blue-violet. Dry gravelly, sandy or clay, often alkaline soils of hills and alluvial fans, in shadscale, sagebrush, and pinyon-juniper woodlands at 1500-2000m in Nevada and the deserts of Utah. P.d. var. dolius has leaves 3-5.5cm long and stems 5-12cm in length. Westerly form. P.d. var. duchesnensis has leaves l-3cm long and erect stems 2-6cm long. Showy miniature penstemon from eastern end of species distribution.