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Genus: Oxychloe

Oxychloe Species in
Family: Juncaceae

Seven species of densely cushion to mat-forming perennials from the northern central to the southern Andes.They have crowded, short, cylindrical prickle-tipped leaves and solitary, six-tepalled, insignificant flowers and handsome though small, polished seed capsules.


Essentially a genus for the plantsman devoted to cushion and mat-forming species, but also of botanical interest in being a unique member of the rush family. Possibly best in the alpine house in pans of peaty soil stood in shallow trays of water. Also worth trying out of doors in suitably moist sites. Propagation by seed as soon as obtained and probably also by division. Dioecious species will need at least one male to several female plants if the seed capsules are to be a feature.