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Ornithogalum umbellatum

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Botanical Description

Unlike the majority of ornithogalums, this forms dense clumps, owing to the abundant bulblets and offsets. Flowering stems 15-30cm high. Leaves six to nine, linear, 2-5mm wide with a white stripe; depending on soil, situation and season, more or less green, or withered at flowering time. Racemes corymbose, of eight to twenty flowers, each one 3-4cm in diameter, glistening white, (green banded in bud), late spring to early summer. Southern and south central Europe, only doubtfully native farther north but widely naturalised, also northern Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Israel in open woodland, scrub, meadows and roadsides. A variable species in such characters as bulb shape, leaf width and length of pedicels. The best known hardy species in gardens, sometimes becoming invasive.