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Ophiopogon jaburan

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Authors: Kunth   Lodd.  

Botanical Description

Mondo jaburan). Densely clump-forming with lustrous deep green leaves 30-75cm long by 1-1.5cm wide. Racemes a little shorter than leaves, fairly densely flowered. Each flower white, about 8mm wide, late summer. Fruits ellipsoid, 1-1.5cm long, dark violet. Japan, in lowland woods and thickets. O.j. 'Caeruleus' has pale violet flowers, O.j. 'Argenteo-vittatus', 'Aureovariegatus', 'Javanensis', 'Variegatus' and 'Vittatus' have leaves striped cream, yellow or white, but not all are clearly separable from each other. O. jaburan and especially its variegated cultivars are not reliably hardy and too large for the alpine house.