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Genus: Nigritella

Nigritella Species in
Family: Orchidaceae

One species of tuberous-rooted ground orchid from the mountains of Europe. It produces a tuft of grassy leaves and a dense spike of small flowers. Unlike most orchids the lip or labellum of each flower is at the top and stands more or less erect.

Nierembergia repens


Although seldom grown, worth trying in the rock garden or raised bed, ideally in close company with other smaller plants, e.g. Mibora minima, Papaver burseri, Gentiana acaulis, Dianthus alpinus, Linaria alpina, thymes and sedums, etc. A well drained but moisture retentive soil such as a gritty loam would seem to offer the best chances of success plus a sunny site. Propagation by division when possible, or scattering seed in situ in early spring.