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Narcissus viridiflorus

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Botanical Description

Leaves one, sometimes two (often absent on flowering bulbs), up to 60cm or more at maturity, to 8mm wide, flattened below, round for most of their length, dark green, striate, decumbent or prostrate. Stem round or elliptical, striate, to 25cm tall. Pedicels to 5.5cm long. Flowers one to three, ascending, dull green, to 2.6cm in diameter, tube 1.5cm long, tepals narrow, reflexed, not imbricate, corona cup-shaped, sometimes incurving at margin, six-lobed, 1mm high by 4mm in diameter. Anthers three in tube, three in corona overtopping style, early autumn. Wet sticky loam in the coastal belt of extreme southern Spain and northern Morocco. Frost tender, needing alpine house conditions in large pots or deep soil.