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Narcissus serotinus

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Botanical Description

Leaves solitary, usually absent on flowering bulbs, to 11cm long at maturity by 2-5mm wide, dark green with longitudinal pale stripe on inner surface of Moroccan forms, prostrate and sinuous. Stem round, very finely striate, to 13cm tall. Pedicel 1.2-2cm long. Flowers one to three (exceptionally more), sharply ascending, 3.4cm diameter, tube dark green, 1.2cm long, tepals white, patent or reflexed, twisted, sometimes just imbricate at base. Corona dark ochre yellow or orange, cup-shaped, six-lobed, 1mm high by 2mm diameter. Style and anthers included in corona, early autumn to early winter. Calcareous sandy soil or maquis in coastal areas and further inland round much of Mediterranean coast, including islands, and atlantic coast of Morocco.

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, Westminster, 21 October 2014