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Narcissus scaberulus

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Botanical Description

Leaves two to three, up to 7cm long by 2mm wide, two-keeled, sometimes scabrid, erect or prostrate and sinuous, glaucous. Stem round, striate, up to 25cm tall but often much shorter, to as little as 5cm Pedicels to 2.5cm long. Flowers one to five, ascending, 1.8cm in diameter, rich orange-yellow, tube 1.4cm long, tepals patent or slightly reflexed, just imbricate, corona cup-shaped, often incurving at margin, minutely crenulate or entire, 5mm high by 7mm in diameter. Anthers three in tube, three in corona. Style included in corona, early spring. Acid gravelly soil among granite boulders in open or light shade, middle Mondego basin, central Portugal.