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Narcissus rupicola

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Botanical Description

Leaves two to four, up to 18cm long by 3mm wide, two-keeled, erect, glaucous. Stem round, striate, up to 14cm tall. Little or no pedicel. Flowers solitary, ascending, pale to medium yellow, up to 3cm diameter, tube 2.2cm long, tepals patent, often imbricate, corona conical to almost flat, sometimes recurved at margin, usually lobed. Style and anthers included in tube, spring. Mountains of central Spain and Portugal on acid soil among rocks. N.r. subsp. marvieri is similar but with leaves said to be sometimes green and with flowers having slightly deeper yellow, narrower tepals with tiny white speck at tips, also corona larger in proportion to tepals. Mountains of Middle Atlas, Morocco on calcareous soil. N.r. subsp. watieri (syn. N. watieri) is a pure white counterpart of N. rupicola from high altitudes (over 2500m.) of the High Atlas, Morocco on acid soil. Better kept not too dry in summer.

a, N. x gracilis; b, N. bulbocodium var. graelsii; c, N. rupicola subsp. watieri;