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Narcissus pseudonarcissus

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Botanical Description

Leaves two to four, 12-35cm long by 6-12mm wide, glaucous, erect, channelled. Stem compressed, striate, two-edged, 20-35 tall. Pedicel 3-10mm long. Flowers solitary, drooping, to 6.5cm in diameter, tube usually tinged with green, 15-22mm long, tepals cream to sulphur yellow, deflexed, twisted, somewhat imbricate, 20-30mm long, corona pale to bright yellow, little flanged at margin, irregularly crenate, 2-3.5cm long. Anthers uniseriate, overtopped by style, early to mid spring. Woodland or wet meadow on acid soil. Opinions differ as to where it is genuinely wild, from northern Spain, southern France and northern Italy to countries within a line drawn round Portugal, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Romania and Yugoslavia. Very variable and many varieties have been described. N.p. subsp. eugeniae is shorter than the type and with flowers more uniformly yellow. Leaves 4-12cm long, bluish-green. Stems 3-11cm tall (more in cultivation). Pedicel very short. Flowers 5-7.5cm in diameter, tepals sometimes almost patent, early spring. Grassy mountain slopes, Province Teruel, Spain.