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Narcissus pallidiflorus

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Botanical Description

Leaves two to four per bulb, 39cm long by 11mm wide, slightly glaucous, erect, channelled and faintly striate on outer surface. Stem slightly compressed, striate, 30cm tall. Pedicel 2mm long. Flowers solitary, slightly drooping, 7.5cm in diameter, tube green with yellow streaks 2.5cm long, tepals pale yellow with darker yellow medium streaks, nearly patent, twisted, just imbricate at base, corona very pale yellow, concolorous, flanged at dentate margin 3cm long by 3cm in diameter at margin. Anthers and style included in corona, early to mid spring. Woodlands in French Pyrenees. N.p. var. asturicus from the Asturias in northern Spain has smaller flowers and grows in more open, rocky situations.