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Narcissus obesus

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Authors: Salisb.  

Botanical Description

Leaves to 30cm long by 2mm wide, prostrate, sinuous, the inner face channelled, the outer face lightly striate. Stem round, smooth, 10cm tall. Pedicel 7mm long. Flowers solitary, horizontal to ascending, 3.5mm diameter, tube yellow, conical, 1cm diameter by 2.3cm long, tepals bright yellow, nearly patent, often twisted, 1.4cm long by 5mm wide, corona concolorous deeper yellow, slightly incurved at margin, 1.8cm long, 2cm in diameter; Anthers included in corona, style just exserted, mid spring. Rocky cliffs, dunes and meadows from sea level upwards in calcareous or acid soil, southern Portugal and Jbel Zerhoun and Zaian Mountains, Morocco. Doubtful whether it deserves specific rank separate from N. bulbocodium. [Pl.290].

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, AGS Kent Show, 22 March 2014

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, Northumberland Show, 19 March 2014