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Narcissus nobilis

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Authors: Haw.  

Botanical Description

Schultes f. (10). Leaves two to four, 15-20cm long by 8-12mm wide, glaucous, erect. Stem striate, two-edged, 15-30cm long. Pedicel 8-15mm long. Flowers solitary, horizontal or ascending, 8cm in diameter, tube deep yellow, 2-2.5cm long, tepals whitish with yellow blotch at base, more or less patent, slightly twisted, imbricate at base, corona deep yellow, expanded at margin.

deeply dentate, 3-3.5cm long, spring. Wet meadows and upper mountain slopes in northern Portugal and northern Spain. N.n. var. leonensis is similar to type but larger with flowers to 12.5cm in diameter having the corona widely expanded at margin. Spain, Province of Leon.