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Narcissus nevadensis

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Botanical Description

Leaves two to four per bulb, 29cm long by 1.1cm wide, glaucous, erect, channelled and lightly keeled, striate on both faces. Stem slightly compressed, striate, 28cm tall. Pedicel 2cm long. Flowers one to four, ascending, 5cm in diameter, tube green-yellow with green medium stripe, 1.5cm long, tepals whitish with pale yellow medium streak, deflexed, not twisted, just imbricate at base, corona pale to medium yellow, nearly cylindrical, very slightly expanded at margin, crenate, 1.5cm long by 1.3cm in diameter. Style and anthers included in corona, mid spring. Wet mountain slopes among rushes, endemic to Sierra Nevada, Spain at 1400-1800m.