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Narcissus jonquilla

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Botanical Description

Leaves usually two per bulb, to 40cm or more long, and 5mm wide, deeply channelled at base becoming round above, dark green, finely striate, erect to decumbent. Stem round, or elliptical with very fine striations. Pedicels to 9cm long. Flowers one to four, horizontal to ascending, medium yellow, to 3cm in diameter, tube 2.9cm long, tepals patent, very imbricate, corona cup-shaped, shallowly lobed or slightly crenate, l-4mm high by 7-10mm in diameter, anthers three in tube, three in corona overtopping style, spring. Wet loam near inland rivers, streams and ditches in central and northern Portugal and Andalusia, Spain. N.j. var. henriquesii has shorter and narrower leaves (25cm) and stems (21cm) than jonquilla, with flowers which can be larger, to 3.8cm in diameter and a longer narrower corona (one third the length of tepals). From lower Tagus valley, Portugal. See also under N. cordubensis.

Plant Portrait: Narcissus jonquilla minor

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, AGS Loughborough Show, 5 March 2016