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Narcissus hybrid-cultivars

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Botanical Description

'April Tears' (5). Height 8cm. Up to five 4cm wide pendant blooms of golden-yellow with a pale cup, mid spring. It is excellent in pans but can be difficult outside. Needs a well drained position but with regular moisture throughout the year.

'Bantam' (2). Height 25cm. A perfect intermediate daffodil flowering in mid-season. The sturdy 7cm long blooms have well rounded overlapping bright yellow tepals and neat well contrasted orange-red coronas. The foliage is rather broad.

'Bebop' (7). Height 19cm. A perfect late season miniature jonquil with single 3.7cm wide flowers on stiff stems. The flowers open yellow but mature to cream. Suitable for pans or rock gardens. Two weeks earlier than 'Sun Disc'.

'Bell Song' (7). Height 30cm. A useful addition to the intermediate range but too tall for all but the largest rock gardens. Good in pots. Most unusual in that the first 7cm wide flower is single followed by a crop of shorter, three-headed, 5cm flowers. The tepals expand cream but quickly fade to pure white, and the corona is edged clear pink.

'Beryl' (6). Height 25cm. A most unusual and graceful cylcamineus hybrid with rounded reflexed tepals and a short orange corona. The tepals expand primrose and fade to cream. It makes a well shaped clump, increasing rapidly, and is especially good in grass. Early to mid season.

'Bobbysoxer' (7). Height 18cm. One or two 4.5cm wide flowers, each with clear yellow tepals and small orange corona. A reliable late jonquil for the rock garden.

'Bob Minor' (1). Height 20cm. A very neat trumpet variety having relatively large perfect, 7cm long golden flowers on sturdy stems. The corona mouth is unusually frilled. Early flowering.

'Chit Chat' (7). Height 16cm. A relatively new American Hybrid with three or four, rather star-like golden flowers to a stem. Scented.

'Clare' (7). Height 21cm. A vigorous late-flowering jonquil hybrid with several 3cm wide flowers of lemon yellow, fading a little with age and long-lasting. One bulb will soon divide and form a large clump. It should be kept dry when dormant as it is prone to rot. It is rather too tall for pans but is excellent on the rock garden.

'Dawn' (5). Height 28cm. A good prolific triandrus hybrid. The large pure white perianth is 7cm across and slightly twisted, contrasting well with the wide flat lemon corona. It makes a graceful clump. Late flowering.

'Demure' (7). Height 25cm. Flowers 4.5cm wide with white tepals and a yellow corona on stiff stems. A good late-flowering hybrid but it increases slowly.

'Eystettensis' (4). Height 23cm. Queen Anne's Double Daffodil, sometimes called N. capax plenus. The 6cm wide flowers consist of evenly overlapping lemon petals. Best left undisturbed in a cool position. Mid season.

'Fairy Circle' (3). Height 30cm. The 7cm wide flowers have a well rounded white perianth and a flat, buff-pink rimmed corona, rather like a small poeticus hybrid.

'Flomay' (7). Height 19cm. Flowers round, 3cm across of creamy white with a small cup that is pink-tinged in certain years. Late spring. A slow bulb to increase and best in pans.

'Hawera' (5). Height 18cm. Up to five 4cm wide gracefully nodding lemon-yellow blooms. Pale and a little later than 'April Tears' but similar in other respects.

'Ibis' (6). Height 28cm. A well formed cyclamineus hybrid with white petals and a primrose corona.

'Itzim' see 'Jetfire'

'Jack Snipe' (6). Height 28cm. A prolific cylamineus hybrid with neat flowers. The white perianth only slightly reflexes from the flared lemon corona. Excellent for naturalising or the larger rock garden, increasing rapidly. Early flowering.

'Jetfire' (6). Height 28cm. Very similar in shape to 'Little Witch'. The corona opens deep yellow and rather unevenly darkens with age to a strong orange red. Mi d season. 'Itzim' is very similar but a little larger throughout.

'Jumblie' (6). Height 17cm. A fine early cultivar with one to three 4cm wide flowers having well reflexed tepals. The flowers are golden with a slightly deeper cup and are excellent in pots or in a semi-shaded position outside in neutral to acid soil.

'Kenellis' (12). Height 15cm. A bulbocodium crossed with trumpet hybrid. The large flared lemon corona fading to cream with age and is backed by narrow, slightly inflexed white tepal. Produces a succession of blooms over a long period but is rather too large for pans.

'Lintie' (7). Height 25cm. One of the last jonquils for the rock garden with one to three 5.5cm wide. Flowers of pale primrose-yellow with flat orange cups having a pronounced green eye.

'Little Beauty' (1). Height 14cm. A fine, reliable, early hybrid with perfectly proportioned, 5cm long bi-coloured trumpet flowers. It needs a regular supply of moisture throughout the year and is probably best on the rock garden but can be grown in pans.

'Little Gem' (incl. 'Wee Bee'). (1). Height 13cm. Probably a selection from N. minor. A reliably early narcissus for the rock garden with neat 4.5cm long flowers of clear yellow above narrow foliage. It does best in slightly moist soil and often takes a season to settle down. 'Wee Bee' is very similar.

'Little Sentry' (7). Height 22cm. A prolific jonquil producing perfectly proportioned 3cm wide flowers of golden yellow which fades to deep cream with age. Ideal for pans or rock gardens. A little later and slightly smaller than 'Sun Disc'.

'Little Witch' (6). Height 25cm. One of the best intermediate and most prolific cyclamineus hybrids. Golden yellow throughout with well reflexed rounded tepals and a long corona. Long lasting and naturalises well in grass. Early flowering.

'Minnow' (8). Height 18cm. Up to five 3cm wide flowers of cream with a slightly deeper corona. It increases rapidly but may be shy to flower and the foliage can dominate the flowers. Does best ,in a sunny well drained position, when it flowers in mid spring.

'Mitzy' (6). Height 16cm. An excellent early flowering hybrid of typical N. cyclamineus shape. The long-lasting 4cm wide flowers open yellow, but quickly fade to white. Excellent in pans and on the rock garden.

'Paula Cottell' (3). Height 18cm. Perfectly formed 4.5cm wide flowers with waxy milk-white petals of great substance and small pale lemon coronas. Perfect for the rock garden, flowering late in the spring.

'Pencrebar' (5). Height 18cm. A mid season double jonquil with perfect 5cm wide golden-yellow flowers rather like roses. It tends to be a little top heavy for successful pan culture but is excellent on the rock garden.

'Pequenita' (7). Height 14cm. One of the best new hybrids. It has single, well-formed 3.5cm wide scented, slightly reflexed flowers of golden-yellow. It blooms mid season and is excellent in pans and troughs.

'Petrel' (5). Height 25cm. A new late-flowering white triandrus hybrid in the 'Hawera'/'April Tears' mould. Up to seven relatively large nodding white flowers.

'Picoblanco' (2). Height 17cm. A slightly untidy pure white jonquil hybrid with a pronounced cup. It is a reliable and vigorous early cultivar although the foliage becomes rather lax after flowering. Excellent both in pans or in a well-drained position on the rock garden.

'Pipers Barn' (7). Height 22cm. A mid season jonquil with starry yellow flowers 6cm across. Although slightly tall it is a reliable and vigorous hybrid and is useful for the larger rock garden.

'Pipit' (7). Height 30cm. A superb reversed bicolour of excellent form. The 8cm wide twin flowers open clear lemon throughout but the corona and the base of the tepals fades to creamy white. Mi d season.

'Pixie's Sister' (7). Height 16cm. A neat late flowering jonquil hybrid with up to five well-shaped 3.5cm wide scented flowers with a green eye on sturdy stems. Each bulb producing a succession of stems.

'Quince' (12). Height 17cm. One or two creamy-lemon 4.5cm wide flowers each with a deeper cup. It is a sister seedling to Tete-a-tete'. It is an excellent early cultivar good both in pans and on the rock garden.

'Rikki' (7). Height 23cm. The 4.2cm wide flowers are somewhat larger and more pointed than 'Bebop' and are slightly reflexed. They are a good clear yellow fading to cream. A reliable late-flowering hybrid for pans or the rock garden.

'Rip van Winkle' (4). Height 14cm. (N. minor plenus). Flowers 6.5cm across, double yellow with pointed petals, giving a rather untidy appearance. Although easily grown in pots, the flowers are often too heavy for their stems and are carried almost horizontally. It is an undemanding, reliable and early flowering garden plant provided that the location is not too dry.

'Rupert' (1). Height 15cm. Perfectly-formed 4.5cm long trumpet flowers of lemon with white tepals. Perfect for pans or outside but is prone to rot.

'Segovia' (3). Height 21cm. Probably one of the best mid season small daffodils for pots or the garden. The 4.5cm wide flowers have glistening white tepals and flat lemon cups. Increases well in a sunny, well-draining soil.

'Sennocke' (5). Height 18cm. A chance hybrid of uncertain triandrus parentage. Each stem bears one or two relatively large gracefully pendant flowers of soft lemon. It is not an easy plant and probably does best in a well drained acid soil in semi-shade. Early flowering.

'Snipe' (6). A fine early cyclamineus hybrid with 4cm wide flowers having well reflexed white tepals. The straight cup opens lemon but gradually fades to a creamy white. The flowers are held pointing downwards in a typical cyclamineus fashion. Good in pans, although a little tall.

'Sundial' (7). Height 20cm. Usually twin-heated with 3.5cm wide flat flowers of deep yellow having a tint of green in the eye on very stiff stems. This is a reliable early flowering jonquil but it can be prone to rot and require a well drained, sunny position.

'Sun Disc' (7). Height 19cm. Single 3.2cm wide perfectly formed flowers of mid-yellow, the tepals fading to cream with age. Excellent in pots or the garden.

'Tete-a-tete' (12). Height 17cm. An outstanding early hybrid and probably the best known. Up to three 4.5cm wide flowers, each of a golden-yellow with a deeper corona. It tends to revert to single flowers after a few years but each bulb produces four or more stems. Excellent in pans or the garden, where it prefers a neutral to acid soil that is not too dry.

'Topolino' (1). Height 16cm. A rather coarse dwarf hybrid with a lemon trumpet and white tepals. The flowers are about 5.5cm long and somewhat heavy for their stem length, but it is a reliable early trumpet daffodil.

'Wee Bee' see 'Little Gem'

'W.P. Milner' (1), Height 28cm, Rather reminiscent of N. moschatus with a nodding pale lemon corona and twisted, inflexed creamy tepals. Needs a position that is not too hot and dry. Early flowering.

'Xit' (3). Height 17cm. Well-formed 4cm wide flowers of pure white, opening in mid spring. An excellent hybrid for pots or the rock garden, increasing well. 'Yellow Xit' is similar except that the perianth is milky-white and the cup yellow.