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Narcissus hispanicus

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Botanical Description

Leaves two, 50cm long by 12mm wide, erect, bluish-twisted, glaucous, keeled, striate on outer surface. Stems 45cm tall. Pedicel 2cm long. Flowers solitary, horizontal, 9.5cm in diameter, uniform golden yellow, tube 1.8cm long, green with yellow stripes, the inner tepals deflexed, outer reflexed, twisted, just imbricate at base, corona 4cm high by 2.2cm in diameter for most of its height expanded to 4.3cm at margin, much indented, spring. Wild origin uncertain. N.h. var. spurius is similar to hispanicus but flowers usually smaller and petals and leaves less twisted. It was described from a cultivated plant but similar forms are found in the Asturias, Spain and Zezere Valley, Portugal.