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Narcissus hedraeanthus

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Authors: Heldr.   Webb  

Botanical Description

Leaves two to three per bulb, to 6cm long by 1-1.5mm broad, dark green, erect to spreading. Stem 2.5cm long, round, often curved or at 45° or less to horizontal or ascending, to 2.5cm diameter, tube 1.4cm long, tepals and corona concolorous, usually very pale yellow but varying from white to medium yellow, the tepals patent or spreading, not twisted, up to 2mm wide at base, the corona sometimes slightly expanded at the margin, crenate, 7mm high by 10mm in diameter. Anthers exserted, overtopped by style, winter to early spring. Stony slopes and alpine meadow in the Sierra de Cazorla and Montes de Toledo, Spain. N.h. subsp. luteolentus is taller than the type with erect stems 7-10 or rarely to 15cm and flowers ascending, usually white or pale cream with a yellow corona wider than the type to 2.3cm and often rolled back at margin. Sierra Morena to Sierra de Alcaraz, Spain.

a, N. asturiensis; b, N. bulbocodium x 'Jessamy'; c, N. cantabricus var. petunioides; d, N. hedraeanthus;