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Narcissus elegans

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Authors: Spach   Haw.  

Botanical Description

Leaves two per bulb, 12cm long by 3mm wide but rapidly lengthening after flowering, glaucous, erect with a striate outer surface. Stem bluntly compressed, striate, 20cm tall. Pedicel 5cm long. Flowers two to five, horizontal, 2.5-3.5cm in diameter, tube green, becoming paler, 1.6cm long, tepals white, patent, becoming twisted as flower age, just imbricate at base, corona green on opening, becoming dull orange, cup-shaped and incurving at the mouth, entire, 1mm high by 2mm in diameter. Style and anthers included in corona, early autumn to early winter. Warm, sandy soils and among rocks in coastal belt and further inland, northern Morocco, Italy and Mediterranean islands from Sicily westwards.