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Narcissus cuatrecasasii

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Botanical Description

Ruiz Regon. (7). Leaves two to three, up to 15cm long by 3mm wide, two-keeled, erect, glaucous. Stem round, striate, 15cm long. Pedicel 1.2cm long. Flower solitary, ascending, medium yellow, 2.7cm in diameter, tube 1.5cm long, tepals patent, very imbricate, corona cup-shaped, often slightly incurved at margin, almost entire, 6mm high by 1.1cm in diameter. Anthers three in tube, three in corona, the style included in corona, spring. Rock pockets in calcareous soil, central southern Spain from Grazalema up to Montes de Toledo. N.c. var. segimonensis is a doubtfully distinct higher altitude variety from Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra de Segura, Spain, tending to have smaller more drooping flowers with narrower more reflexed tepals and narrower coronas.