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Narcissus cordubensis

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Botanical Description

Leaves two per bulb, to 35cm or more long by 3mm wide, channelled below, round above, dark green, finely striate, erect to decumbent. Stem round, finely striate, to 21cm tall. Pedicels to 4cm long. Flowers one to three or more, ascending, to 3.2cm in diameter, rich medium yellow, tube 2.2cm long, tepals patent, reflexing slightly at base, imbricate, corona cup-shaped at base, conical above, usually deeply six-lobed and crenate, 5mm high by 1.5cm in diameter. Anthers three in corona three in tube, the style included in tube, spring. Wet loam or turf, Andalusia, Spain. Some authorities consider it to be part of N. fernandesii and it was originally provisionally identified with N. jonquilla henriquesii.