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Narcissus cavanillesii

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Botanical Description

Tapeinanthus humilis). 1. Leaves one or two (usually absent on flowering bulbs), 11cm long at maturity, 1mm wide, dark green, channelled at base, cylindrical above, erect to decumbent. Stem round, paler green, 8cm Pedicel 1.6cm long. Flowers usually solitary, but occasionally two, without a tube, medium yellow, sharply ascending, 2.5cm in diameter. Tepals deflexed at 45° to axis, 1.8cm long by 3mm wide, not imbricate, the corona absent. Anthers uniseriate, rather spreading, early autumn. Grassland and woods in coastal belts of extreme southern Spain and northern Morocco, where it also grows at low altitudes further inland. Frost tender.

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, Gillingham, 25 October, 2010