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Narcissus cantabricus

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Authors: DC.  

Botanical Description

Leaves usually 2-15cm long by 1mm wide, green spreading, faintly striate. Stem round, 5cm long. Flowers sessile, solitary, ascending, 3.6cm diameter, pure white, the tube green at base, white above, 2.4cm long, tepals nearly patent, 1.2cm long by 5mm wide at base, corona inflated just above petals, 1.5cm high by 3cm in diameter with crenate margins. Filaments and style white, pollen dark yellow, style exserted, winter-spring. Calcareous rocks, southern Spain, Balearic Islands, Morocco (Rif, Jbel Zerhoun), Algeria, very variable. N.c. var. petunioides is similar but with corona quite flat or just reflexing at margin. Origin obscure. N.c. var. foliosus is similar but with more leaves, erect pedicels 9-17mm long and milk white flowers, late autumn. North-western Morocco. N.c. var. kesticus is rather like foliosus but with fewer leaves and pedicels 5mm long. Late autumn to winter. Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco. N.c. subsp. monophyllus resembles basic cantabricus but with only one leaf per bulb, prostrate and sinuous. Rif and Jbel Tazzeka, Morocco and southeastern Spain (?). N.c. subsp. tananicus has two to four leaves each 10cm long by 1mm wide, green and erect. Stems more glaucous than leaves, striate, 8cm long. Pedicel short. Flowers solitary, horizontal, 2.8cm in diameter, the tube primrose, much yellower than tepals which are pale yellow, fading to whitish, 1.2cm long by 3mm wide at base, corona whitish, 1.6cm long by 2.2cm diameter. Style yellowish, exserted, winter. Western High Atlas, Morocco. [Pl.289].

Plant Portrait: Narcissus cantabricus

a, N. asturiensis; b, N. bulbocodium x 'Jessamy'; c, N. cantabricus var. petunioides; d, N. hedraeanthus;