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hispanicus bujei). (10). Height 33cm Leaves two to four, 32cm long by 1.2cm wide, pale glaucous green, not twisted, faintly striate outer surface. Stem to 30cm tall, compressed, striate, erect. Pedicel 1-3.3cm long. Flowers solitary, ascendiiig, 6.5cm in diameter, tube yellow with green streak, tepals bright yellow, patent or deflexed, usually slightly twisted, 2.5cm long, scarcely imbricate, corona concolorous, almost parallel below flange, 2.2-2.8cm in diameter at dentate margin by 3.4cm high. Anthers uniseriate, overtopped by style, spring. Among scrub or open meadow in calcareous soil, Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra de Cabra, southern Spain.